REPORT: Outriders for European Competitiveness 

The link above provides you a PDF version on the report. I was a member of this expert evaluation group reviewing the EU's European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) model. 


Helsingin Sanomat Daily newspaper 10.4.2015 interview (Finnish)

See HERE for the interview about the need to rethink culture, politics, and the democratic system


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below about Strategic Design (our work at Sitra)



Legible Practices: Six Stories About the Craft of Stewardship

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund; 2013; Bryan Boyer, Justin W. Cook, Marco Steinberg


In Studio: Recipes for Systemic Change

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund; 2011; Bryan Boyer, Justin W. Cook, Marco Steinberg


Digital Design & Production: Applications in Architecture and Design

Wiley & Sons, 2004; Dan Schodek, Martin Bechthold, Kimo Griggs, Marco Steinberg


Patient Transport Module

Harvard Design School; 2003; Marco Steinberg, Dan Schodek



Braziller, Inc.;2002;Ed. Toshiko Mori, Marco Steinberg, Nader Tehrani, Ron Witte


Material Legacies: Bamboo

Rhode Island School of Design; 2000; Marco Steinberg, Enrique Martinez


A Plywood Wheelchair

Harvard Design School; 1999; Marco Steinberg






Design for Life

BBC World Service radio; July 4th, 2013, 29 mins


Championing an Innovative Public Sector

Institute for Government; Blog, Better Policy Making; May 15, 2013


Public Sector Chief Design Officers, Anyone?

Design Management Review; Volume 23, Issue 2, pages 38–41, June 2012


Strateginen design ja Suomen haasteet (in Finnish)

Entä jos...- Näkökulmia ja ideoita innovatiivisen hallinnon rakentamiseen; Hallinon kehittäminen; Valtionvarainministeriö; p 80-83; 41/2011 (Finnish Ministry of Finance publication)


The Fate of the University Lies in the Bus Schedule

The Chronicle of Higher Education, Commentary; November 4, 2010


Comparing and predicting the costs and outcomes of patients with major and minor stroke using the Boston Acute Stroke Imaging Scale neuroimaging classification system

American Journal of Neuroradiology 30 (4), 703-709/ American Society of Neuroradiology; LE Cipriano, ML Steinberg, GS Gazelle, RG Gonzalez, April 2009


”Change!” – Menestyksen uusimisen haste (in Finnish)

Mercurius; Vieraskynä p. 19, 4/2008 (Turku University magazine)


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